Sinead is Brewing up a Storm as part of the SMH Supported Employment Project

Issued 2 May 2023

Sinead_Together Cafe 1

Meet Sinéad'.  Sinead works in the Together Cafe and supported by St Michael's House Supported Employment team and has become an integral part of the workplace.

Asking Sinéad how she enjoys working in the Together Cafe, she says,

"I enjoy it, My favourite part is working the barista because I always wanted to work a coffee machine. I am doing the cash register and front of house too. I love that I see friends that I haven't seen in a long time. I am a people person".

The wonderful team in the Together Cafe are delighted to have Sinéad as part of their workforce and say,

"Sinéad is an absolute pleasure to work with. She has such a professional manner and conscientious attitude to complete all tasks assigned in our Together Academy Training Café. She always arrives on time and ready to go with a can-do positive attitude. A self starter in work who loves any opportunity to join in for a song and dance when we have café celebrations. We love Sinéad's sense of humour and she is incredibly popular with her co workers"

Well done Together Cafe for creating an inclusive workforce.

The Supported Employment Project team train and assist young adults to become valued and active members of the workforce.  The team also support and train your employees with a bespoke disability awareness training module.

There are huge benefits to having an employee on your team with a disability.  They will add value to teams by bringing a range of skills, talents and abilities that a traditional workforce may not have.  

St. Michael's House are delighted to already have successful collaborative relationships with many companies who support and employ adults in our services. We currently have a number of employers successfully participating in this supportive employment initiative. We hope to further expand & welcome on board new partnerships.

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