Supported Employment Project

St Michael's House are delighted to announce the Supported Employment Project.

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The Supported Employment Project is a Pobal funded scheme that will initially run from 2022-2023 and will support young adults attending SMH Hub services to Prepare, Train and Gain meaningful employment in the community.  

This project will also focus on delivering disability awareness training for all employers and their staff who sign up to the Supported Employment Project.


Project Goals

  • Support people with disabilities to access meaningful employment
  • Improve career progression opportunities
  • Improve employment outcomes through education and training
  • Support potential employers to provide employment for people with disabilities
  • Develop beneficial clinical and individual resources that can be used universally and accessed easily

Project Actions

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Action 1:  Increased labour market participation of people with disabilities

Action 2:  Increased employment opportunities for people with disabilities (e.g.) training and skills building

Action 3:  Increased number of employers establishing good practices and supportive workplaces for people with disabilities



Supporting our Service Users and their Employers

St. Michael's House are delighted to already have a successful collaborative relationship with many companies who support and employ adults in our services.


What is Supported Employment & What are the Benefits for your Company?

Collette - Lifestyle Sports (1)Aligning with St. Michael's House Strategic Plan and building a rights based service, this Project delivers a model of employment that supports a person with additional needs to obtain and maintain meaningful employment.  St. Michael's House have been supporting adults with disabilities for over 70 years to enhance their skills and support them in a working environment.   The project team has thoroughly reviewed this area and has established a streamlined pathway for all who wish to engage in employment as well as providing support to St. Michael's House staff assisting in the process and future employers.

The Supported Employment Project team are training and assisting young adults to become valued and active members of the workforce.  The team will also support and train your employees with a bespoke disability awareness training module.

There are huge benefits to having an employee on your team with a disability.  They will add value to teams by bringing a range of skills, talents and abilities that a traditional workforce may not have.  

St. Michael's House are delighted to already have successful collaborative relationships with many companies who support and employ adults in our services. We currently have a number of employers successfully participating in this supportive employment initiative. We hope to further expand & welcome on board new partnerships.

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Everyone should have the right to work, to enjoy equal rights and opportunities, and to be INCLUDED

Click here or the image below to download poster for your Corporate Social Responsibility CSR representative.

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Together, we can make the workforce a more diverse and inclusive environment

Meet the Team


My name is Lorna and I am the Supported Employment Project Coordinator. 





My name is Madeleine and I am the designated Social Care Worker on the Supported Employment Project. 






My name is Aaron and I am on the Supported Employment Project Committee




Tara Ghalaieny

 My name is Tara and I am a Speech & Language Therapist on the Supported Employment Project






My name is Katie and I am an Occupational Therapist on the Supported Employment Project




We are here to support you in the best way we can and look forward to embarking on this new exciting journey with you.

Get in touch to find out more about our innovative Supported Employment Project at or 087 9148369