Children's Services Overview

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Our Vision for Children Services

That all our Children and Young People will have a happy healthy future full of opportunities to participate in family and community life as valued citizens.

Our Mission for Children Services

To work in partnership with Children, Young people and their Families to develop their individual potential and to support them to have full and meaningful lives in their communities.

Child Protection Safety Statement

The Children and Young Persons Service Area is compliant with Children's First Act 2015

Link to Children's First Guidelines

Service Aims and Principles

We recognise that our services are secondary to the stability and consistency that is provided by a child's family and extended family.

We aim to work in partnership with families to identify needs, to build on existing strengths and work together on agreed goals.


We value your feedback

The Children and Young Persons Service Area welcomes your feedback. Any complaints you may have in relation to the service will be dealt with under the St. Michael’s House Complaints Policy and Procedures.