Strategy Development

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   St. Michael’s House Strategic Plan 

Your Life, Your Rights, Your Choices

St Michael’s House CEO, Liz Reynolds, the Executive Management Team and Board of Directors would like to thank all service users, families, carers and staff who participated in shaping the St Michael’s House Five Year Strategic Plan 2022-2026.

A key step in developing the new Strategy was to revisit the organisations Vision, Mission and Values (VMV) statement.  The revised Value, Mission and Values of St Michael’s House are set out below;


A society in which people of every ability can live the life of their choosing.


SMH works with Service Users to understand their needs and wishes and help them achieve their goals. 'Your Life, Your Rights, Your Choices'


Respect, Kindness, Honesty, Excellence, Creativity

The foundation of the new Strategic Plan 2022-2026 is a rights-based approach to service delivery for service users and planning for the duration of the lifecycle with a particular focus on key transition points. 

From this we have developed a service concept approach that reinforces service users at the core of all we do and recognises the key role of;

  • service users
  • their families and supporters
  • staff
  • Government
  • funders, and
  • regulators such as Health Information and Quality Authority

St. Michael’s House has four Key Goals and have identified four strategy enablers to support the delivery of these strategic goals.

Goal 1:  A Rights Based Service for service users

Goal 2:  Participation of Service Users and Families/Supporters

Goal 3:  Valuing and Investing in Staff

Goal 4:  Learning from and influencing the Sector, Government and Society

You can download a copy here