Strategy Development

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St. Michael’s House Strategic Plan Development 2021



St. Michael’s House is developing a new Strategic Plan.

It will run from 2022 to the end of 2026 (5 years).

The Strategic Plan is a statement of what the organisation wants to achieve over the coming years.



The Plan will set out what we hope to achieve so that we can improve the service each person receives, seek additional funds for service development for all parts of the service.



In developing the Plan, we are asking services users, families/guardians, staff, management and our funders for their opinions.  

It is important that all these views are represented fairly in the plan.



We are currently consulting with Service Users and this will run to July 16th.

The Family consultation process opens the week of June 16th and runs to July 9th.

The Staff consultation process will open the week of June 28th and will run to August 6th.



Please click on the relevant link on this webpage

for details on how you can participate.