Introduction to QQI

QQI learning is a key aspect in our delivery of our services. As a QQI accredited centre, St. Michael’s House offers courses that lead to awards on the National Framework of Qualifications.  

Currently, we deliver a Major Award in General Learning at Level 2, along with the option for learners to undertake individual minor awards if they prefer. 

We have a programme at Level 3 called ‘Active Citizenship’. There are three modules in this programme – Self-Advocacy, Community Participation, and Work Experience. 

All our programmes and modules are part-time.

There is no extra charge for QQI courses.

The QQI service is led by two QQI co-ordinators and is well supported by the Executive Management Team, local service and centre managers, clinical and other departments.

Our staff have lots of expertise in our subject areas, and experience working with persons with intellectual disabilities. We have good relationships with external tutors and local education providers. We are able to design and tailor modules and programmes to the individuals we support, and can meet a diverse range of needs, for example, in relation to communication, literacy, specific learning difficulties, behavioural support needs, autism etc.

Our QQI Mission Statement

We want to provide high quality and meaningful learning experiences for adults using St. Michael’s House services and supports.  We strive to deliver person-centred learning which empowers our learners and assists them to achieve their personal goals and to be active citizens.

Our Quality Assurance Process

The Quality Assurance (QA) process in St. Michael’s House is comprehensive. It has been designed to ensure that our learners receive the best educational experience possible.  Our trainers are supported to develop their skills and deliver programmes and modules in line with best practice. In addition, we want to maintain strong relationships with key stakeholders in the local community.

We want to give our learners the foundation they need to access learning opportunities with mainstream providers in their communities if they wish to do this. We see the provision of modules and programmes within St. Michael’s House as a stepping-stone for many of our learners, as well as a core support for others that may not want or be able to access external services. Our QA process reflects the values of the organisation, these are in our strategic plan.

We strive to be open and honest in our work.  We provide information to our learners in accessible formats.

St. Michael’s House - Quality Assurance Manual

You can download and view our 'Quality Assurance Manual' here.

QQI Level 2 Major Award in General Learning

The theme of our Level 2 Major Award is around promoting Independence and is named “Learning for Life”.  Please click here for information on the Learning for Life Major Award.

Level 2 Modules and Course Information Books:

QQI Level 3  - Minor Awards : Active Citizenship

The theme of our Level 3 Award is about being an active citizen and taking part in your community and country.  Please click here for information on Active Citizenship.

Level 3 Modules and Course Information Books

We have a number of Level 2 Modules Under Development. These include:

  • Craft
  • Data Handling
  • Design
  • Life Science: Habitats
  • Lie Science: Life Cycles
  • Pattern and Relationship
  • Quantity and Number
  • Reading
  • Setting Learning Goals
  • Shape and Space
  • Visual Art