Activity Hub

The Activity Hub has been designed by our staff to support you at home during this challenging time. It includes a timetable of fun activities and a range of information to help keep your mind and body healthy and happy. 


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Stay Active Chair Exercises

Physical activity and exercise keeps our body and mind healthy and happy. It is important to be active every day. 

Click below for our resources on how to Stay Active at Home:

Why it is important to Stay Active

Strong & Steady


 Have Fun Have Creative Fun

Our sense of fun is an important part of staying happy. This page has lots of ideas to get creative, learn new skills and have fun.  

Watch Suzie telling us about the Occupational Department and the Activity Hub 

Click below for our resources to have fun at home:

Learn a New Skill

Making a Stress Ball

Making Pizza

Smoothie Making

Get Creative 

Poetry Corner: The virus, by the residents in Ratheanna 


Mind Yourself  hug yourself self care

It is important to look after our mental wellbeing. There are lots of ways we can do this. 

Click on the links below for different ways to keep your mind healthy and happy. 

Ways to take care of our mental wellbeing

Videos to guide you 

Ways to take care of your health