Mental Health of Intellectual Disability

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St. Michael's House has celebrated World Mental Health Day since 2016.

Covid-19 has made it challenging for us all to gather and celebrate this day in 2020 and 2021.  In 2020, St. Michael's House celebrated World Mental Health Day online via our Activity Hub programme and by launching mental health resources through YourOTC (an internal platform for St. Michael's House staff.

This year St. Michael's House are expanding our mental health resources online to gain a wider scope for sharing our resources to our service users, families, guardians, carers and stakeholders.  These resources have been developed by St. Michael's House clinicians across Children & Young Persons Services and Adult Services.

For more information on Mental Health in Ireland please visit 

We do hope you find them useful.  Click on the below images to view Mental Health Resources.

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Mental Health Wellbeing ResourcesMental Health Resources