Mental Health Resource

With the launch of a new Mental Health Policy in Ireland – Sharing the Vision 2020 our Government are being asked to invest more in making these actions and recommendations a reality. We too can play our part, by learning more about mental health and wellbeing, we can become empowered to take control and improve our wellbeing. (Mental Health Ireland, 2020) 

Within St Michael’s House we have celebrated Mental Health Day each year since 2016. We have hosted this celebration in different venues across the service including Belcamp and Templeogue Training Centre. Over these years, Mental Health Day has become a popular event within our service with memorable contributions from service users, staff members, outside participants and increasing attendances year on year. Please see below resources aimed to support Staff, Families and Stakeholders.


Talking About Mental Health

How do we talk to someone we are concerned about? How do we help rather than make things worse?  Click here or on the image below for Tips for Talking About Mental Health.

Tips for Talking about Mental Health

Sleep Support Presentation

Click on the video below for a Sleep Support Presentation by St. Michael's House staff Joan Gilvarry (CNSpCAMHS – ID) and Alison Buggie (CNSpMHID)

Dementia Supports

Watch CNSp Dementia Video Presented by Sarah Warren CNSp (St. Michael's House)

Watch The Happiness Programme Video Presented by Sarah Warren CNSp (St. Michael's House)

Mental Health and Intellectual Disability

Watch a video by St. Michael's House staff Joan Gilvarry (CNSpCAMHS – ID) and Alison Buggie (CNSpMHID) on the Mental Health of Intellectual Disability

Food & Mood (Mental Health)

Watch a Zoom Food and Mood Webinar hosted by St. Michael's House Senior Dietician Denise McCarthy

Click the Link and Enter the Password to View Webinar

Click here to view Webinar

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St. Michael's House Specialist Teams

Click on the video below to find out more about the Specialist Teams working in St. Michael's House.  This video is hosted by St. Michael's House staff Dominic Burke (CNSpMHID), Joan Gilvarry (CNSpCAMHS – ID) and Alison Buggie (CNSpMHID)  

Compassion Focused Therapy for Staff, Families, Carers and Stakeholders

Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) is a talking therapy that was originally developed by Paul Gilbert in the UK and is used in many countries around the world. Read more about CFT and St. Michael's House here

St. Michael's House Compassion Focused Therapy Project was developed by Dr Manus Moynihan (CAMHS-ID) and Dr Anita Hyland (CAMHS-ID/SAT) who are clinical psychologists in St. Michael's House.  These videos are developed for families, staff and service users. Please click on the links below to access a five series Cmpassion Focussed Therapy Model.

1.  Here we introduce the "Compassion Focused Therapy model" and how it can be used to organise and understand our thoughts, feelings and experiences. (Video 1 of 5)

2. This video looks at a way of understanding how our brains developed through evolution and considers some of the ways our old-new brain interactions can shape our experiences in the here and now, and one way to step back and try something different in Understanding Brain Development.  (Video 2 of 5)

3.  The "Threat System" is a way to understand some of the ways we our fears and worries can be activated for us. Here, we look at common responses to fear and worries, ways you can recognise "threat", and ideas to understand and manage these feelings. (Video 3 of 5)

4.  The "Drive System" is a way to understand some of the ways we can be motivated to achieve our goals. Here, we consider some unintended outcomes when ours goals are frustrated, and some ways to avoid common traps. (Video 4 of 5)

5.  The "Soothing System" is a way to understand some of the ways to slow down, feel safe, and feel content. We will explore how this part of us can often be overshadowed by "Threat" and "Drive" systems and how you might pay more attention to the "Soothing System" to being more balance to your life. (Video 5 of 5)