Mental Health Wellbeing Resources for All

 Be Active

Staying active is important for our bodies and our minds.  Think of new ways you can stay active, there are lots of videos online on how to stay active and keep linked with the Activity Hub to access classes and groups. 

Have a look here for extra idea’s on Staying active



This has been challenging when we are living with Covid 19, but staying connected to natural support networks is important for our wellbeing. Think of people or groups you are connected to and how you can stay connected.  Stay connected through joining in with the activity hub.  

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Activity Hub Overview

Stay Connected with Friends (Easy Read) - Click on the Image Below

Friends Info Guide 2020 - Easy to Read


It is important for our wellbeing that we give to other people and to ourselves.  Watch Dr Clíodhna O Donovan Psychologist with the Mental Health of Intellectual Disability Team introducing “Looking after our Mental Health”.  Think of ways you can give to yourself and others.  

This is a link with more information on giving/kindness

Watch staff member Kate Mc Mahon from the St Michael's House Mental Health of Intellectual Disability Team talking and teaching us about self compassion. “Noticing kind thoughts”


Keep Learning

We are all learning new things everyday. Try learning something new today, we have some recipes to try and stories of people who keep learning. Think of things you have or want to learn more about. 

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Recipes for Mental Health Page

Take Notice

Our lives can be very busy and we can miss taking time to notice things around us and within us. Take some time to follow our Mindfulness videos and follow links for extra resources.

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List of Mindfulness Practices with James  Síne