Philanthropic Giving / Major Gifts

Your donation will make a significant difference to St. Michael’s House and can help shape the future of disability services to ensure that people with disability lead healthy, engaged, happier, longer lives.

Becoming a major donor is an opportunity to fund a specific disability programme or project within our services. A major donation is a one-off donation or multi-annual funding in excess of €5,000. Major donations help us to plan ahead. This means we can achieve sustainable and effective services for children and adults with disability in our community.

There are many projects in St. Michael’s House due to our wide range of services. Your generosity helps us to maintain different projects at different times of the year.

Sensory Rooms

This is a constant project. Upgrade and re-decorate sensory rooms in our residential, day or respite units. Sensory rooms provide quiet space for children and adults with disabilities. It allows a time alone or calm time in a room that appeals to the senses. This is touch, smell, sound, taste and sight. This senses are ignited or calmed in these sensory equipped rooms. Sensory equipment can be costly and so your donation can support the upkeep of items or entire rooms.

What you get in return

As a major donor of St. Michael’s House you will :

  • Can designate a specific programme/area of work which you wish to support.
  • Receive regular updates on our work and the impact of your support.
  • Attend exclusive events and receptions.
  • Are thanked publically or can remain anonymous through key communications.

More Information

If you are interested in becoming a major donor, please contact our Fundraising team:

Tel: (01) 8840200