SMH Sleep Kit Project - Launched 14 March 2023

Issued 14 March 2023

1 Welcome

Funded by HSE Spark Innovation Fund, SMH are delighted to develop and launch their Sleep Kit project. 

Designed and produced by St Michael's House CAMHS-ID and MH-ID teams, this innovative video helps us to learn more about sleep habits, including sleep hormones, bedtime routine and environment, sensory needs and diet.  

About the Project

Here in St. Michael's House, we recognise the importance of good quality sleep for everyone we support.  On securing the HSE Spark Innovation Fund, the team commissioned John Fogarty from Making Shapes to support in developing the Sleep Kit project.  The project team met together and with John to consider feasibility and usefulness of various options, script the narrative and character development.  The final video, which can be viewed below, hopes to distil practical sleep hygiene tips into an accessible format for all.  

Please click here to link directly with the dedicated Sleep Kit Project page - including further information, download kits and video.

Project Team

The project team included, Dr Manus Moynihan (Senior Clinical Psychologist, CAMHS-ID), Aoife Ni Dhubhain (art therapist/psychotherapist, CAMHS-ID), Joan Gilvarry (CNS, CAMHS-ID), Dr Anita Hyland (Senior Clinical Psychologist, MH-ID), Dr Anne-Marie Scott (Senior Clinical Psychologist, MH-ID), Alison Buggie (CNS, MH-ID), Dominic Burke (CNS, MH-ID), Caoimhe Sheridan (assistant psychologist), David Staunton (assistant psychologist).



For more information on the Sleep Kit please contact:

 Dr Manus Moynihan, Senior Clinical Psychologist & Systemic Psychotherapist, CAMHS-ID, St Michael's House at

 Dr Anita Hyland, Senior Clinical Psychologist, MH-ID St Michael's House at