VHI Women's Mini Marathon 2024


NEW this year! We have secured a limited number of prepaid places for St Michael’s House Mighty Mná for this event.

Event Registration

There are two options so here's what you need to know:

Prepaid Places Option:

  • You have the opportunity to take one of the prepaid places we've secured. If you're interested in fundraising for a specific service, we'll allocate 80% of the funds raised to that service, with the remaining 20% going to our central fund.
  • There's no registration fee for these prepaid places, and we'll cover all associated costs.
  • If a SMH service user would like to avail of a free pre-paid place, their support staff or carer for the event will go free.  The same guidelines of an 80%/20% split will be in place.
  • Please note that these places are limited, so we kindly ask that you only opt for this option if you're committed to participating and fundraising.
  • If you are interested in taking one of these spaces, can you please email fundraising@smh.ie with your name and contact details and our team will be back in touch to organise with you.

Purchase Your Own Place:

  • Alternatively, you can purchase your own place directly through the VHI Women's Mini Marathon website.
  • If you register this way, we can still add you to our team, and all funds raised will go directly to the service of your choice.
  • Once you register with the VHI Women’s Mini Marathon 2024 team, please remember to contact the Fundraising Team at fundraising@smh.ie with your name, contact details and what service you would like to fundraise for.

Upon registration (either with a pre-paid place or your own purchased place) please contact the Fundraising team at fundraising@smh.ie and we will provide you with a link to set up your iDonate online fundraising page to support your fundraising efforts. Additionally, if you prefer to fundraise as a group, staff team, friends or families we are more than happy to accommodate that arrangement.

In the meantime, should you require further information please do not hesitate to contact Jonathan Power, CEO St Michael's House Foundation at jonathan.power@smhfoundation.ie