Christmas Annual Savoy Cinema


St. Michael's House are very grateful that each year,  over 500 St. Michael’s House’s children and adults enjoy the biggest day of the St. Michael’s House calendar at the Savoy Cinema. The movie  Frozen 2  was the festive film 2019.

The Savoy, the longest running cinema in Dublin, celebrates 35 years of supporting this annual event for St. Michael’s House. Fujitsu, a long standing partner of St Michael’s House sponsored the event for the 8th year running and provided volunteers on the day to assist service-users into the cinema. The Civil Defence  support all our children and adults safety into the movie theatres. 

The local  Gardai support with our wheelchair accessible buses and traffic concerns on the morning.

Every year, this event creates a magical Christmas atmosphere, as service users come together to watch the latest December movie release. Special goodie bags were also distributed to all the movie-goers by our Christmas clowns. Our Clowns add ballooons , songs and cheer  to this event each year.

Thank you to all our Volunteers for making this day possible and run so smoothly: Savoy Cinema Dublin , Fujitsu Ireland, Civil Defence Dublin , Gardai Store Street.

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SMH - Dublin Gazette - 12.12.2019