SMH Research Ethics Committee

St. Michael’s House supports and promotes research by its service users, staff, and appropriate external researchers.

All research carried out in St. Michael’s House Services requires the written approval of the Research Ethics Committee in advance of the research taking place.

The role of Research Ethics Committee is to evaluate proposed research projects and the ethical aspects of all research conducted in the organisation.

The Research Ethics Committee has responsibility:

  • To protect the rights and best interests of Service Users and staff
  • To ensure research is in line with organisational values
  • To promote research that informs evidence based practice and values the voice of people with disabilities and their families.

The Research Ethics Committee is a multidisciplinary committee appointed by the director of Research. The membership includes representatives from senior management, senior clinicians, a family representative and an external member with research experience.

How to Apply

All researchers are required to complete a Research Ethics Application.

The Research Ethics Committee meets every 4-6 weeks and applications must be made 2 weeks in advance of a meeting.  

Please contact the research department administrator to request the appropriate forms or for any queries,

Process of Ethics Approval


Top Tips

Allow at least 8-10 weeks from the point of submission to receiving a final outcome for your application. Following the initial meeting the Committee may request further information or clarification.

Ensure that Easy Read and accessible Information Sheets and Consent forms are included in the application.  This is required for any research participants whose communication needs are supported by accessible information.

As an internal sponsor is required for external research applications it is advised this is sourced as early as possible.