The Research Department in St. Michael’s House represents the organisation’s established commitment to research and service evaluation. The Department is committed to the development and support of high quality applied research projects in intellectual disabilities, which are positioned to inform the development of high quality evidence based services and therapeutic interventions for individuals with ID and their families. Within St. Michael’s House the Department works in partnership with the St. Michael’s House Research Ethics Committee.

The Department conducts and supports research by staff, in addition to linking with external agencies and supporting research of national significance. Support for these projects is available via consultation with key members of St. Michael’s House staff who are part of the research function in St. Michael’s House.

In addition the Department runs regular research seminars to promote projects completed by St. Michael’s House staff. Recent research themes have included mental health, physical health, positive behaviour support, organisation of services within St. Michael’s House, as well as child and family research.

The Research Department has developed significant links with academic centres in Ireland, including University College Dublin and the UCD Centre for Disability studies. It is also an affiliated research centre of IASSID (International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disabilities).

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Research Partnership UCD

Since November 2009 St. Michael’s House Research Department has partnered with University College Dublin in an collaborative Teaching & Research Partnership, through its association with the UCD Centre for Disability Studies at the UCD School of Psychology.

This partnership represents an innovative, effective and mutually beneficial initiative between an organisation providing services for people with disabilities and a research intensive university.

The objectives of the partnership are to:

  • Enhance and facilitate service-based research in disabilities,
  • Support the research and teaching strategies of both organisations,
  • Support St. Michael’s House service users and staff to carry out research,
  • Support the UCD Centre for Disability Studies in its teaching and research activities,
  • Foster national and international cooperation and collaboration.

Relevant Policy

The fundamental core values of St. Michael’s House applies to all aspects of its work, including research.

St. Michael’s House is committed to encouraging and developing research by its service users, families, staff and appropriate external researchers.

St. Michael’s House is also committed to the development of high standards of research governance, including ethics.

Current Projects

Service Evaluation

Some service developments and innovations that have been evaluated through St. Michael’s House / UCD scholarship include:

  1. Evaluation of the Positive Behavioural Support Policy (SMH/UCD Scholarship);
  2. Evaluation of a new Hub Day Service (TURAS) in St. Michael’s House South (SMH/UCD Scholarship).
  3. Evaluation of the new Mental Health of Intellectual Disability (MHID) Team (SMH/UCD Scholarship).

Research Projects

Current ongoing research projects include:

  1. A Study of Health Professionals’ Knowledge, Attitudes and Training in Complicated Grief. (Irish Hospice Foundation Grant)
  2. Evaluation of Alternative forms of Respite Care. (Funded by UCD Seed Funding Grant & Atlantic Philanthropies).
  3. Improving the diagnosis of dementia in people with Down’s Syndrome.

Research Publications

You can view a full list of our research publications here.