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Deconditioning - Lisa Boyd Senior Physiotherapist SMH

Deconditioning is a complex process of physiological changes that affect multiple body systems and often results in functional decline following a period of inactivity. Complicated definition but basically the person experiences being weaker, having poorer balance, less strength, are more likely to stumble and fall, are demotivated and anxious about socialising. It is most noted after a period of hospitalisation but is now being seen across the world following cocooning etc. It is very dangerous as a person can go from being fully independent to needing help with all basic care within a few weeks but thankfully can be reversible.

There is a link below to a short presentation about deconditioning and how it affects us all, service users, staff and families. There is also a link to the slides and some suggested exercises in the form of Ad break challenges and Cuppa challenges that can be sprinkled throughout your day which will prevent and reverse deconditioning. These can be done in hospital or home setting.

You can also find the Deconditioning E-Books on our E-Bookshelf by clicking here

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