October 2021: Easing of Restrictions & Guidance on Full Resumption of Day Services

Issued 11 October 2021

Easing of Restrictions

St. Michael's House Management Team are pleased to attach the latest St. Michael's House Easing of Restrictions and Guidance on Full Resumption of Day Services and also the HSE-Easy Read Guidance re Day Services.  Please click on the images below to access the full documents.

SMH Easing of Restrictions October 2021Adult Disability Day Services - Whats Happening September 2021 Easy Read

The key points in the guidance are: 

  • Physical distancing restrictions will be removed
  • Public transport is now back to 100% capacity and this change will also now relate to transport in disability day services.
  • Pod like arrangements in Day service Locations (6 people or less), where suitable. Manage locally-in some cases, such as smaller day services, this will not be possible.