Can you Face A Fear for St. Michael's House this October?

Issued 23 September 2021

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Can you Face A Fear this October for St. Michael's House? (Only if you dare.....)

St. Michael’s House are asking you to Face a Fear and Challenge Yourself this October to raise a spooky amount of funds for people with disabilities.  

We are asking you to 

  • Set yourself (or your group) a challenge of Facing A Fear
  • Share your achievement online & tag St. Michael's House (optional) via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  • Raise funds online by setting up your personal fundraising page via

Suggested Challenges

  • Can you conquer that fear of heights?
  • Can you learn a new skill?
  • Beat that fear of spiders!
  • Commit to a Fitness Goal!

Your personal challenge doesn't have to be spooky!!

Why not Face a Fear as a Group, have some fun with the challenge and celebrate this achievement together!

Each participant will receive a personalised ‘I Faced A Fear’ certificate and treat bag.

For more information click here or the image below.  To register your event complete the registration form here and contact Fundraising on


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