St.Michael's House Covid-19 Updates 2021

Issued 4 February 2021

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St. Michael's House #Covid-19 update - 2021

We are nearly a full year of Covid-19 in St. Michael' House. We  are working with the HSE and Public Health Services throughout the National Pandemic.

We wish to keep you updated .  Please share this information with anyone linked to our services.

Families are working with the staff teams at a local level but if there are any additional questions -

St.Michael's House ( SMH ):

  • Covid-19 Steering Group continues to monitor Covid-19, PPE gear, contact tracing, restricted movements and self isolation and other evolving elements of the  Covid-19 National Pandemic of staff and service users
  • have set up an  internal SMH Vaccination Group to manage service user and staff Covid-19 vaccinations across St. Michael's House services
  • CEO, Liz Reynolds is sitting on the National Federation of Voluntary Bodies Board which is advocating for disability groups to be prioritised for the Covid-19 vaccinations 2021.
  • welcomed  HSE DNCC (Dublin North City and Country )  to SMH Ballymun on January 27th for the vaccination of 47 service users from Residential settings  that are over 65 years in line with HSE guidelines
  • Speech and Language Department have produced an Easy to Read Guide on Covid-19 Vaccination process
  • have worked with HSE DNCC and vaccinated  415 SMH frontline staff at short notice
  • have trained and informed all SMH staff on staff vaccination registration with the HSE
  • are working with HSE on keeping essential Day Services open in Level 5 Restrictions
  • Activity Hub launched the Active Social Club on 18th January and 395 adults participated in a range of activities in the first two weeks of launching.
  • have introduced Browsealoud to our external website ( for audio and visual improvements for people with disabilities to access our website more during Covid-19
  • CEO has written out to Families to keep them informed of Covid-19 updates on a monthly basis

Families are working with the staff teams at a local level but if there are any additional questions -