Strengthening Rights Strand

strengthening disabilities project 2022 - 2026

What is Strengthening Rights?

Strengthening Rights training is practical, human rights training that uses realistic, everyday examples to learn about Disability Rights. St Michael’s House have been delivering Strengthening Rights training to staff since June 2023 as part of the SMH Strengthening Disabilities Project.


Strengthening Rights Training for Staff

During the life-cycle of the Strengthening Disabilities Project, the Strengthening Rights team have developed a rights-based training module for all St Michael's House staff.  This training supported structures and supports to support our service users learn and exercise their human rights.  


Strengthening Rights Training for Families, Carers & Stakeholders

Strengthening Rights training is also available for all families, carers and stakeholders of St Michael's House.  

This training examines;

  • Modules of Disability
  • UN Convention Rights of People wtih Disabilities
  • Will and Preference
  • Rights Restrictions
  • Advocacy Skills

and much more

Training is available online and face to face with a member of the SMH Strengthening Disabilities team and will last 90 minutes in total.

To find out more or to register your interest please click here or scan the QR code below.

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Telephone:  086 0854020

To find out more information about St Michael's House Strengthening Disabilities Project please email