Executive Management Team

The St. Michael’s House Executive Management Team (EMT) purpose, role and function is to have oversight and monitoring of organisational performance and progress review of implementation of strategic/annual service plan. The team report to the Chief Executive and are accountable to the St. Michael’s House Board.

The 2019 Executive Team


 Interim  Chief Executive (Chairperson)

David Dunne

Directors of Adult ServicesMichael Farrell and Conor Kenny
Director of PsychiatryPhilip Dodd
Director of Quality and SafetyElaine Teague
Director of FinanceDenise Cronin
Director of Clinical ServicesRiana Clune
Director of OperationsDavid Dunne
Director of Children and Young PersonsTracey McKenna
Director of Human ResourcesGraham Fagan
Director of Open Training College (OTC)Dr Karen Finnerty