St. Michael's House Device Project 2020 - Can you Support?

Issued 19 October 2020

Device Project Website Graphic

St. Michael's House services and how we deliver services has greatly changed in 2020.

Our staff teams, the people who use our services and their families are processing communications or their services using Digital Devices. The expectation for online supports is set to increase.

St. Michael's House have 170 different centres across Dublin City and County and in Navan, Co. Meath. We provide services to 1,943 children , young persons and adults and their 3,000 family members.

There is a large demand on devices  such as  Smart TV's, Laptops, I-pads, Cameras within our Units in order to support services. Activities on devices include; Health and fitness classes , Clinical consultations, Family connections and interactions, Education, Social activity and Entertainment.

The HSE did support some initial  Device structure but the demand is still  unmet and growing .

We are appealing to donors and sponsorship to support our Devices Project 2020.

Our target of €35,000 will support Residential  units, Day units and Children  services.

Please donate online here or contact  and talk to Jacqui McDonnell to be a main sponsor for a direct Unit.