St. Michael's House #Covid-19 update - August 27th

Issued 27 August 2020


St. Michael's House #Covid-19 update - August 27th

St. Michael' House are working with the HSE and Public Health Services during this Covid-19 National Emergency .

We wish to keep you updated .  Please share this information with anyone linked to our services.

Families are working with the staff teams at a local level but if there are any additional questions -


St. Michael's House;

  • posted separate August letters  to all Families  receiving services.  Informing Families that SMH are being guided by the HSE Framework for the Resumption of Adult Disabilities Day Services in the context of COVID-19 (May 2020). The letter included a detailed outline of actions and timelines of services.
  • posted Easy to Read information to service users directly as one form of communications  to outline  the latest Covid-19 changes to services
  • have ensured mandatory wearing of Masks  and  have Personal Protective clothing, (PPE), and are continual working with the HSE to ensure  continual sufficient supply
  • are continuing our series of webinars support sessions for all staff on the reintroduction of services.
  • confirm that clinical appointments for both children and adult service users will commence for urgent cases in July and August. Clinicians will contact families to arrange appointments and discuss the infection control measures in place.
  • are actively working with other Intellectual Disability agencies/organisations and the HSE on planning supports of service for 2021.
  • Engaging with National Federation of Voluntary Bodies for #Budget2021