March 15th- Our Services and CoronaVirus/ COVID-19

Issued 16 March 2020


March 15th Update- St. Michael's House and the CoronaVirus/ COVID-19  

Ireland has cases of the CoronaVirus/ COVID-19 . It is a new virus.

Please remember- For the vast majority of people COVID-19 is a short lived illness which can cause: - High temperature, shortness of breath and cough as the most common symptoms from which people make a full recovery.

Currently there is 169 cases in the Republic of Ireland.


March 15th update on What St. Michael's House are doing about the CoronaVirus/ COVID-19 ?

St. Michaels House steering committee are updating regularly on the CoronaVirus /COVID 19 arriving and spreading in Dublin. We are working hour by hour as our Healthcare landscape changes. We wish to try and maintain services working with our families for as long as possible keeping the safety of our service users ,staff and family carers in mind.


St. Michael's House are advised by the World Health Organisation, the European Centre for Disease Control and the Health Protection Surveillance Centre.

St. Michael's House ;

  • are communicating with their staff teams regularly. Staff contingency plans on work rosters are in continual process
  • have issued transport guidelines of service users when and where possible
  • have closed all our DAY services from Monday 15th March in order to protect our service users and staff
  • have stopped all mass gatherings of service users and staff where possible
  • have issued Visitor Restrictions from Monday 15th March  in all Units. We are working with families
  • are working with families on a case by case  responses to  Visitor access/ Time-sharing /Respite/ Medications etc. Each service user has different circumstances but we understand families are anxious and our teams are working as best and as fast as they can under these unprecedented circumstances
  • are continually informing staff on any HSE Virus updates, protocols and procedures
  • have Hand Hygiene stands/ signs and guidelines to all staff teams
  • have completed over 400 + Hand Hygiene refresher courses across the organisation
  • are making contingency plans throughout the organisation for all our services including Day, Residential and Respite services
  • have some and are waiting on another delivery of protective clothing
  • have completed Easy to Read Guides for the people who use our services
  • will provide regular updates on and social media - @St.MichaelsHouse. Please print and share this information for any persons linked to St.Michael's House but has no online access. This is the fastest and most timely method of communication at this time.

Families are working with the staff teams at a local level but if there are any  additional questions -

Where do I get more Information CoronaVirus/ COVID-19 ?

For all clear guidelines on the CoronaVirus/ COVID-19-

Please visit the