Swords to Become Autism/Neurodiverse-Friendly Community

Issued 5 June 2024

swords autism friendly


In an exciting development for the neurodiverse community, St Michael’s House’s Day Service in Swords, known as Abhainn, successfully proposed a motion to Fingal County Council to make Swords and Fingal County an Autism/Neurodiverse-friendly area. This initiative received strong support from independent Councillor Joe Newman and follows the admirable examples set by other villages in Fingal, such as Skerries and Rush.

At a recent Fingal County Council meeting, the motion was enthusiastically approved, marking a significant step towards inclusivity. The service users, staff, and families at Abhainn service had passionately advocated for this cause, reaching out to all councillors with compelling video clips urging a positive vote.

Abhainn will now collaborate with representatives and stakeholders, including neurodiverse individuals, the council, public bodies, educational institutions, businesses, sports organisations, and other interested parties. The goal is to develop a comprehensive plan to bring about meaningful changes that meet the needs of the neurodiverse community.

"The towns and council of Fingal have been wonderful supporters of adults with autism, providing accessible and inclusive cafes, parks, and sporting services," said Diarmuid O Donovan, Manager of Abhainn. "We look forward to building on this collaboration as part of the formal Autism/Neurodiverse-Friendly Town Plan."

This initiative represents a significant milestone in creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for neurodiverse individuals in Swords and Fingal County. The community's commitment to inclusivity and accessibility sets a powerful example for other regions to follow.