Lar Foley Sensory Garden and Sensory Room Opening Party

Issued 8 May 2024


Our Lar Foley service recently received a very generous donation for a new sensory garden from Barbara Foley, as well as a sensory room from Gerry and Margaret Gannon of Gannon Homes. The Gannon Family initially donated Lar Foley House itself to St Michael's House in 2004, and it was named after Barbara's late father Lar Foley. Lar Foley House is home to three children and three young adults. 

An official Opening Party for the sensory garden and sensory room was held on the 4 May, and turned out to be a fabulous day for all in attendance. We are extremely thankful to our donors for being so kind and generous. The garden and sensory room will make very positive impact on our service users for years to come, providing huge therapeutic benefits, and fun. 

Special mentions to all involved:

  • Barbara Foley for donating the garden
  • Gerry and Margaret Gannon for the new sensory room. 
  • Hunter Garden care, Shane HA, Grant designs 
  • Gannon Homes, Rathowen Building Ltd, Sensory Pod and Sean. 
  • All the Staff and Residents of Lar Foley House for all the hard work and patience whilst work was being completed.

You can see the images from the Opening Party here