Physio Friday - The Importance of Exercising & Mental Health

Issued 13 October 2023


On a daily basis, the St Michael's House Physiotherapy Department supports our service users through movement and exercise, physical therapy, education and advice.

Each month, on Physio Friday's, the team focus on one topic and provide information, advice and exercises for families and service users.

As October is Mental Health Awareness Month, the Physiotherapy team are focussing on the importance exercising has on mental health. 

They have developed an Easy to Read guide explaining why exercise is so important for good mental health, the impact exercise has on your physical and mental wellbeing and ideas and goals to get started.

This information booklet is available to download here or by click on the image below.

Exercise and Mental Health - Easy to Read


Should you have any questions for our Physiotherapy Department in relation to this topic

or to request a topic for Physio Friday please email