Turas around Ireland 2022: They Have Reached The Kingdom!

Issued 19 July 2022


Update:  Over the last two weeks - the participants have 'virtually' reached Co. Kerry!

Service users, staff, families and friends of Turas are taking a up a summer challenge to raise funds for their Unit.

This summer the group and their supporters will team up to walk, run and cycle the equivalent distance of the Irish Coastline! In total, the Coastline of Ireland is a massive 3171km. Each participant will play their part in the challenge within their own community and log their completed kilometres to help reach their overall team goal. We look forward to seeing the team’s updates online as their target moves around the country to their final destination!

You can see all their photos here


All funds raised will support the upgrade of their soft, recreational and relaxation areas, and outdoor space in Turas.

To support their fundraising efforts you can donate directly by clicking here or on their iDonate link below.