What's Cooking with Sarah!

Issued 20 May 2021

Activity Hub - Cooking Class with Sarah

What's Cooking With Sarah?

Well done to Sarah who hosted an online cooking class for her peers via the Activity Hub this week.

Sarah has been missing participating in all her usual hobbies including drama class due to Covid19 restrictions. Sarah decided to create a cooking course from home with the support of her Mum Mary. After researching recipes and practicing dishes, Sarah served up an online course to members of the Hub. This week, Sarah taught everyone how to make delicious Homemade Burgers.

There was great feedback from all who participated in the live event. Sarah received praise for her hosting skills. Well done Sarah, you demonstrated great leadership and teaching skills also.

Sarah has a strong interest in advocacy and public speaking and the Activity Hub are looking forward to having her back to teach another cooking class soon.