Launching St. Michael's House Management of Service User Monies & Possessions Policy

Issued 13 May 2021

13th May 2021

13 May 2021:  St. Michael's House are delighted to launch their Management of Service User Monies & Possessions Policy today with the help of residents from Grattan Lodge.  The virtual launch took place via the Activity Hub where service users linked in remotely to learn about the updated policy.

After an widespread review involving staff, management and service users, the new and updated policy focusses on individualised supports and supporting service users manage their monies and possessions.  The new policy recognises that not everyone requires the same supports and uses an assessment of need to help staff understand the level of support required so a support plan can be devised for each service user.

Well done to the residents of Grattan Lodge who presented at the launch today and to everyone involved.

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