Covid-19 Vaccination - Protecting Our Services

Issued 23 February 2021


St. Michael’s House welcome the announcement that all staff working in disability health services will be prioritised for vaccination.

To date over 25% staff have received the vaccination with almost half of that now fully vaccinated. We also have significant numbers of staff scheduled for their first vaccine appointment in the coming days in Beaumont Hospital and the Mater Hospital.

As you know, the HSE successfully commenced the service user’s vaccination programme on February 8th in Ballymun HQ where 47 adults over 65 years of age from our residential services received their first vaccine. 

We wish to clarify any confusion on this new vaccination programme but St. Michael’s House do not run vaccination clinics, nor are we directly involved with the national prioritisation or distribution of vaccines.

We fully recognise that, in order to fully protect services, all the individuals and their carers need to be prioritised for vaccination.

We continue to advocate for this both locally and nationally, along with other organisations throughout the country.

It is our understanding that there is a review of the current national prioritisation.