St. Michael's House Recruitment Drive: Supporting the Full Resumption of Day Services

Issued 3 November 2020

Adult Male attending Hub Service

St. Michael's House actively recruit to support the full resumption of Day Services for 473 Adults

St. Michael's House is delighted to be notified from CHO DNCC ( Community Health Organisation, Dublin North City and County ) that the Department of Health has announced the availability of €7.5m in 2020 to support the full resumption of day services for people with disabilities.

St. Michael’s House have been allocated the largest amount of posts:  39 of 67 posts.

The posts are  as follows:

  • 22 Health Care Assistants
  • 17 Social Care Workers

St. Michael's House Day Services are greatly impacted by Covid-19.  Social distancing and Level 5 Restrictions have altered the delivery of Day Services.  We have adapted our services with good success, where possible, to digital delivery online.  The main barriers to day services is the lack of staff resources to support smaller pods of service or individual supports. 
The funding is specifically for employment of staff to support the reassignment of Day Service staff that are still redeployed to support residential services.

St. Michael's House will start this recruitment process immediately.  Keep an eye on our website for vacancies and how to apply.