Family Frequently Asked Questions- October 8th

Issued 8 October 2020

Family FAQ

St. Michael's House -Family Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that this is a very difficult time for Families. Please see some answers to your questions about St.Michael's House services during #Covid-19

Q.The Visitor Restrictions have reverted to Level 3 for service users , what plans are in place to support these persons?

A. St. Michael's House are advised by NHPET and HSE guidelines on visitor restrictions. We know it is not for everyone but we are increasing our Digital activity, training and resources to support.

Q. Are families being updated on changes from the Government re Covid-19 ?

A. Our CEO, Liz Reynolds, is writing out letters to Families each month. There are regular updates on website. The most recent changes to Visitor Restrictions is being communicated via : Letter to Families, Letter to Service Users, website updates and Staff News posts.

Q. The Media are reporting about the lack of Disability Services especially coming up to the Budget, what have SMH work on this ?

A. Our CEO, Liz Reynolds is an active member of the National Federation of Voluntary Service Providers Board. We are proactive with local TD's ,Ministers , Senators and Community representative to advocate for our service users and families for the right to resumption of services during Covid-19. Please keep up to date on our website and social media channels.


Q. Are St. Michael's House active on the Government Budget 2020 for Disability Services ?

A.We are very active in the Budget submission 2020 for adequate funding of services. We are working with service users and families.

Please keep up to date on our website and social media channels.

Q. Why are Day Services still not returned to five days a week like Schools Nationwide ?

A.Our service users are vulnerable to Covid-19 pandemic. The full return to Day services is limited by various factors. These would vary from locations and resources.

Barriers include :

  • Access to transport for safe 2m distance
  • Space in buildings for safe 2m distance
  • Adequate staff for service users ratio for safe delivery of services

We are working on all of the above elements to improve services for service users in Covid-19.

Q. What is the PPE process in St.Michael's House for the times ahead ?

A. St.Michael's House have a designated PPE Persons, Processes and Procedures in place. All St Michaels House staff are required to wear face masks in all shared spaces of HQ buildings, and in Units. All staff are adhering to the PPE guidelines and processes since March.

Please email the Communications Dept if you have a question or you can link to your Unit or Contact person direct within your services.

Please download these Frequently Asked Questions for any St.Michael's House friends who may not have access to the website.  Download a copy here.

St.Michael's House Family FAQ  -October 7th



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