National Federation of Voluntary Service Providers: Press Release 18 September 2020

Issued 21 September 2020

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St. Michael's House  is a member organisation of the National Federation of Voluntary Service Providers (NFVSP).  Our CEO, Liz Reynolds is an active  member of the NFVSP Board. St. Michael's House  are supportive of the Disability services awaiting response to urgent Covid-19 related funding requirements.

It is a National issue and it was important to come together and support disability services for children, young people and adults.

The National Federation of Voluntary Service Providers (NFVSP); the umbrella organisation representing 59 voluntary/non statutory service providers, who together support more than 26,000 people with intellectual disabilities and their families; is seeking urgent confirmation that the required funding for disability services will be provided under Winter Planning currently being prepared by the Department of Health. 

St. Michael's House are calling on our TD's to engage and respond to the sectors Press Release.

Please see the full Press Release - September 18th .

Press Statement_NFVSP_18 09 20 re COVID 19 Funding for Disability Services in the WInter Plan (005)