FAQ's for Families -July 24th

Issued 24 July 2020

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We understand that this is a very difficult time for Families. Please see some answers to your questions about St.Michael's House services during #Covid-19

Has St. Michael's House sufficient Protective Clothing (PPE) to support current need in Residential Services ?

Yes. St. Michael's House has sufficient PPE and are distributing it to residential houses as required. We continue to work with the HSE.

Is Children's Respite service returning ?

Children's Respite in Donabate 1 - The resumption of services started in July.  However, initially day care will be provided for a small number of children and this will phase to overnights.

Is the Adult Respite services returning?

The reopening of Donabate adult respite services in July, and will resume Aylesbury respite & Adult Link support services in August. The capacity of these services will be significantly impacted by our requirement to meet NPHET and HSE guidance and we will be writing to those families directly affected by these closures.

Are St. Michael's House special national schools opening in September ?

As the Patron Body, SMH is working closely with the 6 SMH special National Schools as they prepare for reopening in September, and we are currently awaiting decisions and guidance from the Department of Education and Skills (DES).

What are the plans for the Pre-schools ?

SMH is also liaising with the community pre-schools as they plan for reopening preschool services for September.

Circle Time, the SMH Special Preschool has reopened on a phased basis in July .

Is there any additional services for children this Summer ?

Yes- we have planned some Summer Supports within children services. This is depended on the availability of Special Needs Assistants ( SNA)  in order to run a children's summer support project for a small number of children.

When will Direct Clinical supports resume for Children and Adults ?

Direct clinical appointments will recommence gradually from July. Clinicians will initially focus on those urgent, emergency reviews and assessments. Virtual clinical reviews will also continue as we resume services.

Is there a main contact for families to gain further supports ?

The Children and Young Persons ( CYP) clinical team will continue to maintain the key contact service so that families can be supported. Plans are in place for the phasing of direct clinical contacts beginning with high clinical risk cases .

Is there a re-introduction of Day Services ?

The reintroduction of Day services has begun. We are in the process of returning day service staff back from residential services. Services provided will vary and will be incremental in return. Buildings will reopen on a phased basis. Safe Transport is of concern but we are updating as plans unfold.

Are visitors permitted to residential houses ?

We will continue to support visits to all houses as commenced from the 15th of June. Numbers will be limited, the visits must be scheduled locally in advance and physical distancing still applies. As before, families and friends are asked to contact their local house for further guidance.

Is there any further information available to families and service users ?

We have published a wide range of information and guides to support families and service users during the national pandemic on our website smh.ie. There are Easy to Read Guides also. This information is updated on a regular basis and families are encouraged to check in regularly.

Where can I send a query to be answered so all families can be informed ?

Please email any questions to - info@smh.ie so it maybe added to the next Family FAQ's .

Thank you.