April 9th - St.Michael's House and the Coronavirus/ Covid-19

Issued 9 April 2020


St. Michael's  House  #Covid-19  update - April 9th

St. Michael' House are working with the HSE and Public Health Services during this Covid-19 National Emergency .

We are an essential service and we are working with all teams to keep some levels of service to the people who use our services in this unprecedented time.

Please note that we will be operating on the principle that restrictions may last for many weeks beyond April 12th.

St. Michael's House;

  • have developed a new service within St Michael’s House named, Belcamp Nua, which is  developed in response to COVID19. It is designed to be a specialist area for service users in St.Michael's House residential houses who require additional care and closer observation if and while unwell.
  • have developed Adult and Family Supports website page for  online support to  Families at Home
  • have developed Children, Young Persons and Family Supports website page for  online support to  Families at Home
  • produced a PPE video by staff for staff in St. Michael's House. This is a nationwide resource
  • produced a detailed  Hand Hygiene Video by staff for all staff . This is a nationwide resource
  • are developing more online supports and projects for Families which will follow shortly
  • are continuing Governance structures and processes with St. Michael's House Board Meetings online
  • line Managers are working with staff teams directly to ensure  essential services continue
  • have increased office space availability and continue to ensure Social Distancing is in place and staggered work hours available
  • have ensured that all essential working staff are requested to carry Staff ID and are issued with an Organisation Essential worker letter for their journey to their place of work
  • have continued to thank all community donors, sponsors and gifts to our services during this time
  • will provide regular updates on www.smh.ie/Covid-19 and social media - @St.MichaelsHouse. Please print and share this information for any persons linked to St.Michael's House but has no online access. This is the fastest and most timely method of communication at this time.


Families are working with the staff teams at a local level but if there are any additional questions - info@smh.ie


Where do I get more Information CoronaVirus/ COVID-19 ?

For all clear guidelines on the CoronaVirus/ COVID-19-

Please visit the

Dedicated Healthcare worker COVID-19 helpline (Callsave 1850 420 420).