Easy to Read Guides #Coronavirus

Issued 30 March 2020

Easy to  Read Guide - What is coronavirus

 Easy to Read Guides

 Our teams have worked on documents to support - How to talk with service users about Coronavirus.

A vast amount of Easy to Read material has already been produced in response to the pandemic. We are very grateful for shared Information.  

Some Easy to Read Guides to support service users in this National Emergency Crisis #Covid-19 / #Coronavirus  

 Easy  to Read information leaflets to support services and families at home.  We will keep updating Information.

  1. What is Coronavirus
  2. How to wash my hands
  3. How to use hand gelEasy to  Read Guide - What is coronavirus Easy to Read Guide - Washing my hands Easy to Read Guide - How to use hand gel


All Covid-19/ Coronavirus Information can be found on one page