Supporting Families FAQ's #CoronaVirus #Covid- 19

Issued 16 March 2020


Working with Families- St. Michael's House and the CoronaVirus/ COVID-19- March 16th

Family Frequently Asked Questions in this uncertain time

St. Michaels House steering committee are working hour by hour as the Irish Healthcare landscape changes. St. Michael's House are advised by the World Health Organisation, the European Centre for Disease Control and the Health Protection Surveillance Centre.

What about my family members Day Services ?

We have closed all Day Services in order to protect our service users and staff teams from Monday 15th March - 29th March. It will be reviewed at this time.


Is there Visitor Restrictions ?

Yes - Visitor Restrictions are in place from Monday 15th March. We are working closely with Families in relation to Time Sharing, Respite and Residential Services


What are the contingency plans for required medications for my family member ?

We are working with Families on a case by case basis as each service user and service is different. Staff are ensuring there is enough medication supplies for your family member. Please ensure you take the same action at home. Contact your regular pharmacy- check opening hours. Be sure you have a thermometer and paracetamol/calpol in the home. We are working with medical teams to find the best solutions for everyone under the circumstances.


What if a staff member contracts CoronaVirus/ Covid-19 ?

Staff will be isolated and reported to the Public Health for follow up standard procedures .

Healthy staff from other units will back fill any ill staff roles where possible. Not all staff have the same skill-set so we are continually working on staff plans and redeployment


What if a service user/users contracts CoronaVirus/ Covid-19 ?

The Family will be informed. Public Health will advice St. Michael's House on follow up standard procedures. We will follow Public Health advice, direction and instruction on this. We will work with the family on a case by case basis but we may have to support individuals to transfer to a hospital according to their medical condition


If Ireland goes into further restrictions on movement -will St. Michael's House have enough supplies ?

We have ordered extra medical supplies - where available. Our residential units have stocked up on foods. We are working together to maintain services.


Are there plans to close St. Michael's House Services completely ?

Our aim is to try and keep services open where possible for as long as possible in the interest of service users and family supports whilst keeping the balance of Global Health restrictions . Each step must be taken in a timely manner and planning is constant. Updates are on the website.

Families are working with staff teams at a local level but additional questions to

Updates on - Covid-19 -webpage

Thank you ,

CEO, Liz Reynolds

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Supporting Family FAQ's March 2020