Social Distancing- How does it work ? CoronaVirus/ COVID-19

Issued 14 March 2020


Social Distancing- CoronaVirus/ COVID-19

The Dept. of Public Health have advised that social distancing has a vital role in stopping the transmission of CoronaVirus/ COVID-19 (Leaving a distance between 1-2 metres)

These are guidelines to support staff, service users, families and the community .

Where possible:

  • Ask/remind a service user/member of the public to stand/sit away from you

Where not possible:

  • Do not stand/sit directly in front of someone (face to face), always sit to the side
  • If a service user/member of the public are coughing or sneezing and not using the cough & sneeze etiquette– move away or turn your head away from them
  • When assisting a service user at meal times please sit to the side, this will help you to avoid any coughing etc
  • Do not place service users who are not mobile beside each other
  • If a service user is coughing and sneezing remind or assist them to perform hand hygiene and remember to also wash your hands

Where do I get more Information CoronaVirus/ COVID-19 ?

For all clear guidelines on the CoronaVirus/ COVID-19-

Please visit the