Issued 14 February 2020

Balance the books logo 2020

Asking you to #Balance the Books for our services

4 steps, 4 books, 4 Euros !

In support of the St. Michael’s House National Bring a Book, Buy a Book 1st-8th March 2020

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Servisource will sponsor €4 for every video or image uploaded of you and your friends balancing 4 books on your head!


1) BALANCE 4 books on your head

2) UPLOAD  to YOUR social media - Tag @stmichaelshouse @ServiSource Recruitement #Balancethebooks

3) NOMINATE 4 more people to #Balancethebooks

4) MATCH ServiSource Funds


You can Match Servisource Funds

 Donate 4, Text SMH to 50300

SMH receive a minimum of 3.60

Service provider LIKECHARITY 076 6805 278



  Balance the Books Poster     Download the poster and tell your friends


Supporting St. Michael’s House St. Michael’s House aim to provide Summer Supports for Children with Disabilities.

Watch MORE videos St. Michael's House Staff #Balancethebooks