IDDSI is now launched in St. Michael's House - Nov 1st

Issued 1 November 2019

IDDSI Safety Information Poster A3


IDDSI Launch Date in St. Michael’s House

  • The Steering Group has set a launch date of 1st November 2019 to start the changeover in our services. It is now in motion.
  • Over the last number of  weeks and months, the  St. Michael's House IDDSI Steering Group shared information for stafff to know what to expect.
  • There will be new information and links posted on the SMH intranet and our external internet
  • Soft copies of information will be displayed in the main buildings too.
  • Training on the new IDDSI framework will be made available to front line staff.

IDDSI Safety Information Poster A3


Read more information on IDDSI website