Launch of New Directions eLearning Module

Issued 18 September 2019

New Directions - elearning module

Our St. Michael's House teams ( photographed ) were part of today's launch and indeed of the eLearning Module.

New Directions eLearning Module will support management and front line staff in national day services to provide day service supports that are in line with the New Directions policy.

New Directions is one of the key policy documents contained in the HSE Transforming Lives Programme (Value for Money & Policy Review of Disability Services in Ireland). New Directions sets out twelve supports that should be available to people with disabilities using 'day services'.

These are supports available in communities that will be mobilised so that people with disabilities have the widest choice and options about how to live their lives and how to spend their time.

Congratulations to all involved in this great project that will educate and encourage good practice for all.

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