Coolock Hub Award Winners 2019

Issued 11 September 2019


Congratulations to the Coolock Hub Award Winners 2019!

The Coolock Hub awards where held in Coolock Hub on Friday 6th September.

It was another great year in teh Hub with lots of new people winning Awards for the first time.  All the staff are very proud of the hard work and achievements of all the young adults in Coolock Hub.

The winners are;

N. McGillicuddy:                  1st Extraordinary Effort & 1st Friendship Award

D. Cobbe:                              1st Most Likely to win XFactor, Runner up in Good Listener Award, Friendship Award &

                                                Most Stylish Award 

G. Rainsford:                        1st Most Stylish Award & Runner Up in Best Attendance Award

C. Maguire:                           1st Best Attendance Award & Runner Up in Best Helper Award

L. Barry:                                 1st Star of 2018/2019 Award, 1st Funniest Laugh Award

C. Shannon:                          Runner Up Stay of 2018/2019, Most Stylish Award and Most Likely to Win XFactor

N. Nolan:                               1st Best Helper Award, 1st Good Listening Award &

                                                Runner Up in Extraordinary Effort Award

J. Redmond:                         Runner Up Most Likely to Win XFactor & Funniest Laugh Award


Coolock Hub Awards 2019