International Short Break Association - Conference Proposals 2020

Issued 5 September 2019


Call for Presentations Deadline for Proposal Submissions: September 30, 2019 

The International Short Break Association (ISBA) is hosting the 2020 International Respite (Short Break) Conference in Madison, Wisconsin, United States (U.S.) from June 16th-19th, 2020.

The theme for the conference Moving Respite Forward is inspired by Wisconsin’s motto “Forward” which reflects the State’s continuous drive to be a national leader. 

This conference will provide a space to advance knowledge and understanding of respite by learning from and with international leaders in the field of respite.This international conference is intended for everyone who provides, uses, or needs respite/short break services.  It is also for policy makers and program administrators who want to understand or better support the respite/short break needs of family caregivers, and individuals who receive respite care across all ages. 

We encourage presentations from family caregivers, individuals who receive respite care, researchers, and caregiving professionals. 

We are looking for 25 or 75-minute presentations related to the following topics.  


  • Innovative Service Delivery Options throughout the Lifespan 
  • Advances in Research and EvaluationØ  Family Caregiver perspectives  
  • Building Capacity and Ensuring Sustainability
  • Advocacy and Networking for Policy Change Inclusion Criteria  
  • Practical applicability to the conference theme Moving Respite Forward 
  • Usefulness of the information, skills, and/or ideas for the intended audience 
  • Contributions to new or innovative practices 
  • Intent to stimulate active engagement of participants 
  • Presenter’s qualifications and experience 
  • Use of instructional aids

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Please contact Laura Richards at or Jill Kagan with ARCH at with any questions.  

Visit our website for additional information www.isba.meor contact us at