St. Michael's House - Change of Taxi Service Providers

Issued 21 March 2019

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Following a transparent tender competition , the following are the successful taxi providers for St. Michael's House:

  • Lynk
  • mytaxi

The new taxi contracts were awarded in compliance with our obligations under EU law and National Procurement Regulations. St. Michael's House, as a public service, needs to comply.

Working with Lynx and mytaxi

We are working with these taxi service providers in linking St. Michael's House services including service users, safe guarding and financial controls.

Informing taxi users - working together

We are aware that change is not for everyone. We have produced an Easy to Read information sheet and two short videos to support staff, service users and families with this change of service.

Our Unit teams have contact details for the new taxi providers and use of taxis for appointments etc will not be changed.

 Unit staff can support this change direct or contact for any queries

Taxi Service Provider- Easy to Read Information Sheet