Free Dental Brushing Webinar for Family members and Clinicians

Issued 17 January 2019



St. Michael's House are delighted to get their 'teeth' into this project. St. Michael's House nursing staff  and adult service users participated  with Assistant Professor Kev Mac Giolla Phadraig from Trinity College Dublin on developing  resources to make tooth brushing easier for people with Disabilities.

The Irish Society for Disability and Oral Health (ISDH) are proud to present the second of this season’s ISDH Winter Webinars series on January 29th 2019. This is an opportunity for our community to learn from the best and promote oral health.

This talk will be suitable for people from all disciplines who have an interest in oral hygiene for people with disabilities. So if you carer in any capacity whether you are a direct support worker, a parent, a family member, a social care worker , a nurse, speech and language therapist, a doctor, a dietician etc


 ISDH Winter Webinars  FREE series on January 29th 2019

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