St.Michael's House sign up to the Sports Charter 2018

Issued 10 December 2018

Sports Charter 2018

Our Chief Executive Anna Shakespeare signs St. Michael's House up in agreement with the Sport Inclusion Disability Charter 2018.

Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Shane Ross TD, launched Ireland’s first ever Sport Inclusion Disability Charter.

The charter, which was developed by Cara (Sport-Inclusion-Ireland) in conjunction with Sport Ireland, outlines five key areas people with disabilities are asking organisations to consider in making active and healthy lifestyles possible for them.

Sport and physical activity are central to the fabric of life in Ireland. As citizens of this state, people with disabilities have a right to be active within their local communities. To truly understand what it is like for a person with a disability to be active in Ireland, Cara, with the support of the Sport Ireland Local Sports Partnership network, coordinated nationwide focus groups with people with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities where they shared their experiences, challenges and needs.

Our St.Michael's House Swimming pool and leisure Centre is one of the central hubs of sport activity in St. Michael's House. There is more activity planned for 2019 #SMHActive

See the Sports Charter Here