Children and Young Persons Services

Each area of service has an assigned Service Manager or Team Leader/Team Co-ordinator.

Our Team Members

Each service area Team has an assigned Clinical Team, made up of a combination of the following disciplines;

  • Psychology
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Social Work
  • Physiotherapy
  • Medical including Dietetics, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Paediatrics and Psychiatry (Excluding SADT)
  • Home Teaching (0 - 6 years)
  • Preschool support workers

Clinicians work together across a range of clinical teams so not all teams will have a full assignment of clinicians.

Team members work together in coordinated clinical teams to ensure that services are delivered to meet the needs of Children & Young Persons accessing the service.This includes people accessing Support Services.

Members of the team report to the Team Leader/Team Coordinator for the day to day delivery of the multi-disciplinary clinical service. They have a professional and management reporting relationship through their discipline specific line management structure (Heads of Departments) and the professional responsibility to work within their scope of practice as defined by their professional and regulatory body.

All Children's and Young Person's Services clinicians are expected to engage with the level of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) required by the Individuals professional code of practice. Supervision is seen as a key part of CPD. In keeping with best practice, all clinicians are expected to seek appropriate level of clinical supervision for their work, in order to maintain safe, effective and high quality services.

Our Models of Service

The Children's and Young person's services adopts a family centred approach to the provision of services. It recognises the central and essential role that the family plays in the child or young person's life. The service role is secondary and complimentary to that of the family.

Clinicians and staff in Children's and Young Persons Services work in clinical teams to deliver an Integrated approach across services in partnership with families.

Joint goal setting for Children and Families is the aim in all areas of the service.

The long-term aim for the service is that each Child or Young Person will have an Individual Plan detailing Child/Young Person and Family Goals.