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    Researching the Internet for useful and relevant information on your child's intellectual disability can be a time-consuming task. We've done some of the work for you, with these user-friendly websites. St. Michael's House is not responsible for the content on any of the listed sites; they are displayed for information purposes only.


    Assist Ireland provides information on assistive technology for people with intellectual disabilities.


    Best Buddies offers people with intellectual disabilities the chance to build friendships to help them when working in integrated employment.

    The Big Tree is a user-friendly website for people with intellectual disabilities. It offers simple to read explanations about the Internet, and provides a forum for people with intellectual disabilities to meet.


    The Carers Association is the national voluntary organisation for and of family carers in the home.

    Casa is a voluntary organisation of people with disabilities and voluntary members. Their aim is to develop friendships between members through regular events.

    Citizens Information Board is a Government website that provides information, advice and advocacy on a wide range of social and civil services.

    The Council of Europe provides users with up-to-date information on the European rights of every individual living in the region.

    The Council on Quality and Leadership is the international accrediting body of St. Michael's House.


    Disability Action works to ensure that people with disabilities attain their full rights as citizens, by supporting inclusion, influencing Government policy and changing attitudes in partnership with people with disabilities. is an online information service for people with disabilities and special needs, as well as their family and friends.

    The Disability Federation of Ireland works to ensure that Irish society is fully inclusive of people with disabilities, so that they can exercise fully their civil, social and human rights.

    Do2Learn is a website that offers people with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to learn new skills by completing online tasks.

    Down Syndrome Ireland promotes inclusion, equality and choices for people with Down Syndrome and their families.


    EQUAL seeks to identify and address fundamental forms of discrimination and inequality in the labour market through the development of new and innovative policies and practices initiated by EQUAL Development Partnerships.

    The Equality Authority seeks to achieve positive change in experience of those groups and individuals experiencing inequality by supporting a commitment to equality within the systems and practices of key organisations and institutions.

    The European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities promotes the equalisation of opportunities for people with disabilities through effective and high-quality service systems in Europe.

    The European Disability Forum (EDF) is an independent European non-governmental organisation (ENGO) that represents the interests and stands for the rights of 50 million people with disabilities in the European Union.


    The disability section of FAS contains information relating to training and employment for people with disabilities. It describes how to access employment or training via FÁS Steps to Employment and explains about how Specialist Training Providers, the Supported Employment Programme and Assistive Technology provide additional support for people with disabilities.

    First Step, Georgia works to develop suitable living environments for children and young people with severe intellectual and physical disabilities. We aim to provide environments where the individual physical, intellectual, social and personal needs of young people with special needs are addressed and where they are treated as individuals who deserve to thrive.

    H operate by the Ombudsman Ofice the site gives information on how to give feedback or make a complaint about social or health services

    HIQA The Health Information and Quality Authority is the independent Authority established in May 2007 to drive continuous improvement in Ireland’s health and social care services.

    The Health Research Board is the lead agency in Ireland supporting and funding health research. They provide funding, maintain health information systems and conduct research linked to national health priorities. Their aim is to improve people's health, build health research capacity and make a significant contribution to Ireland's knowledge economy.

    The Health Service Executive provides health care to the nation, and supplies St. Michael's House with funding.

    I is a consortium of Intellectual Disability Libraries established to provide easy and comprehensive access to up-to-date information in this and related fields thereby supporting research, best practice and education in our services.

    Inclusion Europe is a lobby group that promotes the respect, solidarity and inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in Europe.

    The International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disabilities is an international and interdisciplinary scientific organisation that promotes worldwide research and exchange of information on intellectual disabilities.

    The International Disability Alliance represents more than 600 million people in the world with a disability, by being a spokesperson for the international disability movement in global policy matters and of facilitating co-operation and exchanges of information between the international disability organisations.

    The Irish Association of Behaviour Support promotes social inclusion and non-aversive support for people with intellectual disabilities and challenging behaviour so that they can live in the community with freedom and dignity.

    The Irish Association of Supported Employment is a national voluntary organisation with the aim of promoting and developing supported employment throughout Ireland.

    The protection and promotion of human rights is the core value of the Irish Human Rights Commission, which works to ensure the protection of civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights in recognition of the universal, indivisible, interdependent and inter-related nature of all human rights.


    Learning about intellectual disabilities and health is a website that provides information to professionals and students within the field of disability. It offers up-to-date information about the health needs of people with intellectual disabilities.

    Learning Point offers staff and volunteers with the necessary skills required for working with people with intellectual disabilities. Training in a number of areas within the voluntary sector is provided through the service.


    The National Council for Special Education was set up to improve the delivery of education services to persons with special educational needs arising from disabilities, with particular emphasis on children.

    The National Disability Authority is the lead state agency on disability issues, providing independent expert advice to Government on policy and practice.

    The National Institute for Intellectual Disability (NIID) at Trinity College Dublin is an inclusive Institute centring on lifelong learning for individuals with intellectual disability, research and social change.

    The National Parents' & Siblings' Alliance represents the views of the parents, siblings and other carers of people with an intellectual disability and autism.

    New Horizons Partnership is a cross-border, cross-community organisation that provides services to people with intellectual disabilities and other disadvantaged clients.

    The National Federation of Voluntary Bodies is a national umbrella organisation for voluntary/non-statutory agencies, who provide direct services to people with intellectual disability in Ireland.


    The Office of the Minister for Children is committed to improving the lives of all children in Ireland under the National Children's Strategy and to bringing greater coherence to policy making for children.

    The Open Training College offer a range of courses for those working in the disability sector, from three-day workshops to an honours degree programme in Applied Social Studies.


    People with Disabilities in Ireland (PwDI) is the only national cross-disability organisation funded by the Government. PwDI wants to help all people with disabilities to take part in and influence the decision making process that impacts their lives and opportunities.


    Special Education Support Service (SESS) consolidates, co-ordinates, develops and delivers a range of professional development initiatives and support structures.

    Special Olympics Ireland provides year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.


    The Wheel is a support and representative body connecting community and voluntary organisations and charities across Ireland.