• Progressing Disability Services

    What is Progressing Disability Services?

    Progressing Disability Services (PDS) is a national process to reorganise children’s disability services. This process changes the way young people (aged 0-18 years) and their families access and receive health services. These changes have already happened in other parts of Ireland and are about to happen in Dublin.

    At the moment, HSE Disability Teams, as well as other publicly-funded disability (also called voluntary bodies) provide services to children with disabilities living in North and South Dublin. These services will soon combine their staff to create new teams, so that children will have equal access to supports regardless of where they live.

    How will this work in Dublin?

    There will be 12 Disability Network Teams across North Dublin and 12 Disability Network Teams across South Dublin. Each team will cover a particular catchment area and will have:

    • Team Manager

    • Occupational Therapy

    • Physiotherapy

    • Speech and Language Therapy

    • Psychology

    • Social Work

    and other relevent clinical and support services.

    Why change the current system?

    Progressing Disability Services aims to remove barriers that have complicated access to services in the past. Children will not need to have a particular diagnosis to be eligible for the services of their Disability Network Team. It will be easier for families to know who to contact when looking for clinical supports for their child.

    What will this mean for your child?

    If your child currently receives services from a HSE Disability Team or from a disability agency, then his/her therapy, psychology and social work supports will soon be provided instead by a Disability Network Team covering his/her home address. There is currently a process underway to determine the appropriate pathway for children attending special national schools.

    When will this change happen?

    The plan is for this change to take place in 2017. 

    What happens next?

    The HSE and disability agencies understand that this will mean significant changes for children currently receiving services, their families and staff. We are working together to share information with everyone involved; to set up the new services and to plan for the children’s transitions. A number of working groups are involved in bringing about the changes. Family consultation focus groups have helped to guide the process.

    How do I get further information?

    The HSE and disability agencies will be in contact with families when there is more information. The HSE website includes information about Progressing Disability Services:


    Email St Michael's House directly at .


    Download PDS publications on Newsletter section